Photograph: Petri Saarikko
Photograph: Will Owen Scott-Kemmis

Chris Abrahams & Petri Saarikko along with Eleanor Tucker, Jet Cyngler, Barbie Kjar, Rosie Grayson, Melinda Risby and Millicent Huber, led us on an unforgettably calm and beguiling journey into 2017.

Chris Abrahams played two mesmerising 1 hour sets on the grand piano, his second set morphing seamlessly into Petri Saarikko’s InLight performance with six local Tasmanians; and passage into the new year like no other…

One audience member was heard to say “I can’t remember the past 10 New Year’s Eve’s, but this one will stay with me forever.”

Photograph: Helen Norrie

Chris Abrahams’ piano performance was absolutely captivating, combining a probing approach to the sonic potentialities of the piano with a strong emotional and melodic sensibility. His music unfolds from simple starting points, in a mesmerising and, at times, psychedelic trajectory, to become something hallucinatory and epic. Extraordinary.

Petri Saarikko’s InLight, was the world-premiere of this new experimental & collaborative sonic sculpture project, working with anthropomorphism with bioluminescence as a naturally occurring carrier of non-human information. The audience was transported into 2017 as one; captivated for over half an hour, by an other worldly and magical experience.

A standing ovation for all artists echoed into the night from the spectacular GASP Wilkinson’s Point Pavilion, just after the stroke of midnight.

Photograph: Will Owen Scott-Kemmis

Artists / Performers: Chris Abrahams, Petri Saarikko, Eleanor Tucker, Jet Cyngler, Barbie Kjar, Rosie Grayson, Melinda Risby, and Millicent Huber.
Production: Richard Cyngler, Brendan Walls, Jonathan Kimberley, Trent Mundy AV Electrical, Sarah Jones, Anna Eden, Danielle Hanifin, Jane and Ashley at Two Metre Tall Brewery, Asher & Franca at Port Cygnet Catering, Wayne Lamb at TFH, David Hunt and Tim Horton at GCC, Sean, Michael and Eleanor at Moonah Arts Centre.
Volunteers: Dan Rosendahl, Emma Oliver, Matt Bradshaw, Emily Warner, Helen Norrie, Jeanette Linnell, Garry Rusden, Susan Job, Soren Risby, Will Owen Scott-Kemmis.
Finland: Sasha Huber, Aalto University School of Arts, Aalto Media Factory (Aalto Fablab).
New Zealand: Tom Hoyle, Max Bellamy, Tasha Maree, Lauren Redican. Ann Shelton, Heather Galbraith, Huhana Smith, Te Whare Hēra – Massey University. UK: Adam Greenfield. USA: Jerstin & Orvokki Crosby.
Partners: Glenorchy City Council, Tasmanian Government, Clemenger OMD Tasmania, Qantas, Mercury Walch, AV Electrical, Two Metre Tall Brewery, Port Cygnet Catering, Cool Wine.

View Petri Saarikko’s Artist Statement  |  View Chris Abrahams’ Artist Statement

Commissioned by GASP (Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park), 2016.
Curated by Jonathan Kimberley & Brendan Walls

Photograph: Jonathan Kimberley
Photographs: Will Owen Scott-Kemmis
Photograph: Jonathan Kimberley
Photograph: Petri Saarikko

All images and text © GASP, Petri Saarikko and Chris Abrahams.





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